All our tents come with natural coloured woven matted flooring as standard. For uneven or wet ground we can add rola-trac under-flooring underneath our matting to help with the surface.

Get your dancing shoes on with our dance floors and raised stages for dancers and bands alike! Style up pathways with matted walkways or with our Walkway Package comprising matted walkway, shepherd hooks, festoon lighting.

Our wooden dance floors have an aluminium trim and create a dedicated dancing space within your tents. 

We can lay them around or between the main sailcloth tent poles, and over the matted flooring of all of our tents and tipis.

For an additional spectacle, our stages allow bands, DJ’s, performers or even enthusiastic dancing guests to rise above the crowd! 

Available in various sizes, it’s always a good idea to ask your performers how much space they need, and choose the stage that fits.

Choose your ideal flooring, stages, walkways and other furnishings you’d like to complement your tipi or tent and get an INSTANT QUOTE.

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Our flooring and stage products available

Wooden Dance Floor with aluminium trim 5 x 5m

(Other sizes available)

Wooden Stage 3.6 x 2.4m

(Other sizes available)

Matted Walkway

(10 x 2m)

Walkway Package

(Matted walkway, shepherd hooks & festoons or LED lanterns)

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