Service Tents & Facilities

Our catering tents, also known as service tents, provide a dedicated space for food preparation and service, ensuring that your caterers have space to ensure your guests are well-fed.

These tents offer protection against unpredictable weather conditions, such as rain or excessive sun, allowing the catering team to operate smoothly regardless of the elements.

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Spacious Interiors

Additionally, their spacious interiors can accommodate all the necessary equipment and staff, contributing to the overall efficiency and success of any outdoor gathering.

We can work with your catering team to understand the size of tents they need for service and advise you on the right tent for your event.

"Completely beautiful. Made for fantastic photos of everybody looking their best"

Katie – Photographer

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Facilities & generators

Whilst we don’t supply toilets, we can put you in touch with recommended suppliers who are great at sorting out what you need.

We work with sub-contractors to help you get the right power for your event. Talk to us about what you need and we’ll advise on the right generators and supply them for you.

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