A Winter Wedding, Under Canvas! 

Inside a winter wedding tipi

A Winter Wedding, Under Canvas!

Think frosty grass, winter sunshine, hot spiced rum cocktails and roaring firepits. Then think mud and rain!…. Our one winter wedding under canvas tip is ‘be prepared’!

Winter Wedding Tents

Whether you choose cosy tipis wrapped in fairy lights, guests toasting marshmallows over the firepit, or a stunning sailcloth tent elegant in its simplicity. Either can be used to create your dream winter wonderland wedding in the winter months.

We pride ourselves on our open and honest approach to customer service. We won’t just sell you the dream, we’ll make it happen and ensure you are prepared. So if your at that exciting planning stage then let’s talk pros and cons, the musts and maybes. Here’s your wedding checklist for an outdoor winter wedding.

The truth is you’re going to need more ‘stuff’. Wooden doors, matting, heating, catering tent joiners, and solid under flooring.

Inside a winter wedding tipiHeating!

Heating is so important. You want all your guests warm and cosy. Our heaters sit outside the tents with just the funnel under the lip of the tent, blowing in hot air (on a thermostat) so your tent remains the perfect temperature.


Lots of outside (and inside) lighting. You don’t want to be losing guests as they head to the toilets or the carpark. We offer a range of outdoor lighting, from festoons, fairy lights, shepherds hooks and lanterns and tree uplighters. These can all be used to create a magical feel to the outside space and light the paths your guests should follow.


It’s worth linking up your areas with matted walkways, tent to toilets to carpark so everyone’s shoes can stay shining and ready to hit the dancefloor.

Catering tent Joiner!

This is a must. The joiner connects the catering tent to the main structure, so the catering team can get the wedding breakfast from the kitchen tent to your guests hot without braving the elements.

These are all choices, but all advisable.

And now the pros!

Having a summer weather won’t guarantee you the sunshine but choosing a winter wedding will guarantee the cold! So, your guests come prepared.

Baskets of blankets, heating, firepits all help make your setting cosy. With the darkness setting in so early the fairy lights come to life and begin to twinkle before the first bottle of fizz has been popped.

Forget the salads, think belly warming bowls of hearty food, washed down with bottles of red or mulled wine. Think foliage and fairy lights, tea lights and candles, sheepskin rugs and fire pits.

There’s nothing quite like a winter ‘do’ to say ‘I do’