Authentic Nordic Tipi Hire

Authentic Nordic Tipis

Our Tipi Tents

Since our launch in 2013, we have been supplying authentic nordic tipis made by Tentipi, the worlds only authentic nordic tipi supplier! Although the superior quality of their tipis come at a premium, we only source the best products for our customers which is why we selected to use the best and most authentic tipis on the market.

Superior Features of Our Tents

Bespoke fabric

No natural-looking woven fabric is waterproof – instead they are water resistant to a higher or lower degree.  Despite a global search, Tentipi were not satisfied with the performance of any off-the-shelf fabric. So they took the time and trouble to develop a bespoke fabric with a much higher water resistance than any others found. That fabric is now made exclusively for Tentipi, and is only available from Tentipi.


LinkFlex is a registered trademark of Tentipi and it ensures that all the tipis can be linked together in a clean, uniform way. All our linking equipment is identical, whether you are linking two tipis or 17! This ensures a quick installation for our customers and that there are no surprises regardless of your event location.

In-Tent Vent™ Ventilator Cap

Ventilator caps with external ropes are difficult to open and close when tents are linked, and prone to blowing open in the wind. Tentipi solved those problems once and for all with their In-Tent Vent ventilator cap.  It’s sewn in one piece, vastly reducing the chances of blowing open in the wind.  It is open and closed from inside the tent making it simple to adjust in linked configurations.

It’s much harder to manufacture this way, but worth the trouble.

Hire Our Tipis

If you are planning and event and would like to talk to us about hiring our authentic nordic tipis please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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