Planning a Tipi Wedding: Part 1 Suppliers

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The 1st part in this 5-part series, of ‘Top 5 Tips for Planning a Tipi Wedding’ is all about choosing the best suppliers for your Wedding Day.

Getting married requires a lot of planning, and if you are not able to find the right vendors for different aspects of the wedding, then there is the potential for something to go wrong. Choosing the best suppliers for products and services will ensure your wedding day is one that is remembered, for the right reasons.

Work Out Your Available Budget Beforehand

One of the main reasons that things can go wrong within the planning process, is because you don’t give yourself a realistic budget to work towards and follow. This can mean that you end up changing suppliers last minute, with budget in mind, but not necessarily in terms of quality.

Knowing your budget beforehand means that you are not setting your sights too high, and can choose suppliers that are within your price range.


Check Reviews of Vendors and Service Providers

Although you need to work within your budget, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect a professional service. Those who operate within the wedding industry will work with many different clients every day and will know only too well how budgets can vary.

Ensuring that vendors and service providers are of good repute will ensure that you’re given a service you can afford, without having to forfeit professionalism. Reviews of vendors and service providers can be found on several online platforms, including Facebook and Google Business. There are also several business directories available that allow users to read reviews.

In addition to this, we also have our own personal list of supplier recommendations and partners we have worked with alongside for wedding events on our website here, which we personally recommend to all. 


Think Outside the Box

When planning your big day, it is easy to assume that you have to do what everyone else is doing, such as getting married in a church, and hiring luxury cars. However, your big day is about celebrating a union, and it should reflect a couple’s love and personality.

For example, if you’re not one for churches and prefer for your wedding to have a more natural ambience, then why not choose a tipi in the location of your choice?


Get Everything in Writing

Some of the mishaps that can occur when organising a wedding can come down to misunderstanding and miscommunication. As such, you should ensure that vendors are able to outline what will be included in the price you pay. Not only does this mean less confusion, but it also ensures that you are staying within your budget.


Don’t be Afraid to Speak Out

If you are speaking to a company or wedding planner, and feel something isn’t for you, then don’t be afraid to speak out. Although many companies and service providers will be able to give advice when it’s needed, there will be times when you need to make the final decision.  Professionals will understand that you have something different in mind and will work with you and your partner to ensure the services you use are suited to your special day.


Tying the knot is an exciting time, and it is important that it isn’t going to be ruined due to oversights or tight deadlines. Having everything in place with written confirmation means that there is less change if a mishap occurs. This therefore allows you and your loved one to focus on the most important part of the day, which is each other.



This was Tip 1 in our Top 5 Tips for Planning a Tipi Wedding. Follow our series of blog posts over the next upcoming weeks to find out more tips from Events Under Canvas.

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