Planning a Tipi Wedding: Part 4 Photography

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Part 4 of the ‘Top 5 Tips for Planning a Tipi Wedding’ blog post series, is all about photography.

This week’s post is slightly different… Events Under Canvas has partnered up with one of our favourite suppliers; Chloe Lee Photography who is an extremely professional and talented photographer, and has collaborated with us on many occasions to provide beautiful photographs and photography for weddings over the years.

With our extensive range of tipi knowledge, and Chloe’s technical photography knowledge combined, we have put together a list of photography tips for bride and grooms planning on having a tipi style wedding. These tips will help to make your special day one to remember.


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The Photographer 

Tipis, tents and ‘outdoorsy’ weddings can offer a really relaxed, and more informal style of wedding. Moreover, it gives people the opportunity to break away from the traditional, more common style weddings. As a result, it is important to pick a photographer that will complement that vibe and atmosphere you are planning to create for the day.

When choosing a wedding photographer, it is important to consider the style and theme of your perfect wedding day. Moreover, you want a photographer who can capture the style, vibe and atmosphere of your day to really capture those magical moments.

There are many photographers out there to choose from, who all have their own style of photography. However, the question you have to ask yourself is, will a traditional style wedding photographer capture the memories you are wanting in a more relaxed and outdoor style tipi wedding?


Spacing & Location

Once you have decided upon your photographer, it is important to inform them about the details of the day such as the location of the wedding, and the areas that they will be taking photos in. The photographer may choose to scout the location and areas before the wedding day, to get a sense of what the lighting, and landscaping will look like on the actual day. 

Moreover, it will also be important to inform them about what type of tipi tents and layout that you are planning on arranging. Once the photographer knows what backdrops, layouts and general style of imagery to use on the day, it will make the processes a lot easier for both the photographer, and the bride and groom.


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Weather Conditions 

Tipis are great for being so versatile and they can offer you lots of different options. However, one thing that will constantly be on your mind is whether the weather will take a turn for the worst… In these situations, it is always important to consider a back-up plan should you get rainfall on your wedding day.

Regardless of the change in weather conditions, your photographer will still be able to capture magical moments if they are prepared for these changes. Moreover,  can you have a tipi which is solely used for photography purposes, decorated beautifully and with lots of space inside? Or can you have a chill-out tipi with lots of sofas and cushions where you and your guests can relax if it was to rain.




wedding photographyLighting is a wedding photographer’s best friend! Considering different types of light for not only inside the tipis and tents, but outside is also just as important. 

Having additional lighting such as fairy lights inside the tipi and hanging from the ceiling can create such a magical atmosphere to your photos. In addition to this, adding lighting such as festoon lights and torches to place along the walkways to the tipis and around the location can really bring the whole experience to life in the evening. 


And finally… Be Creative!

Choosing the right photographer for your tipi wedding will be such a big decision for your special day. Even though you and your guests will create memories throughout the day, you still need someone to capture those memories, so that they can be remembered and looked-back on forever.

Invest in a wedding photographer who will go above and beyond to create those perfect moments and memories, and will be even more creative on the day.

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That was part 4 of our ‘Top 5 Tips for Planning a Tipi Wedding’ series. Keep your eyes peeled for the fifth and final tip, in our last post of the series.

To see some of Chloe’s beautiful work, visit her online gallery full of some amazing photos, or follow her on her socials here:

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