Planning a Tipi Wedding: Part 5 Finishing Touches

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We have reached the end of this blog post series on Top 5 Tips for Planning a Tipi Wedding, and the fifth and final part is all about facilities and finishing touches for an outdoor tipi wedding.

You have set the budget, created the guest-list, chosen the perfect wedding location and photographer, and the final remaining consideration is the finishing touches to make your outdoor tipi wedding, the most memorable and magical day of your life.

There will be other factors to consider such as the wedding dress, wedding cake, bridesmaids, travel arrangements etc. However, in this particular blog post series, we are solely focusing on the tips for planning your outdoor tipi wedding, to ensure that nothing is forgotten along the way. 


One downside which your guests may not particularly enjoy is having to go to the toilet outdoors instead of some nice clean, comfortable indoor washroom facility containing long mirrors and powerful hand dryers. However, outdoor tipi weddings can provide this luxury for you and your guests. 

Depending on the budget, wedding planners will choose what toilet facilities work best. Whether they are basic or luxury, there will always be facilities available for your needs and budget. 

Another important facility is a generator. You and your guests will need to hire a generator to power all the electrical equipment used throughout the day during an outdoor tipi wedding. Unless the power can be supplied by the venue grounds, you may need to consider hiring a generator for the day. 

At Events Under Canvas, in addition to the hiring of the tents and tipis, we can also provide you with both of these facilities. Moreover, one of the main generators we supply for weddings are from Gofer, who offer power management services for generators, electrical cables, and distribution for tipi weddings. 

In addition to this, we also provide luxury toilet facilities which customers are comfortable in for both males and females. 


If you have a particular theme in mind for your wedding day, decorations may be easy to plan and organise as a separate purchase. However, even if you were unsure about a specific theme, or were just looking for something more simple, this can also be arranged for your special day. 

Events Under Canvas can provide a range of decorations for your wedding day, whether they are inside or outside the tipis and tents of your choice. Moreover, we have special unique decorations for the style of canvas that you choose. Such as for sailcloth tents, stretch tents and tipis. 

In addition to this, we can arrange stunning table decorations and centerpieces. As well as beautiful ceiling and floral ladders to run along the tops of the tipis and tents. All decorations can be personalised to your needs and desires, to make the inside and outside a picturesque and memorable setting for your special day.


Furniture is an extremely important finishing touch to consider. Not only for the ceremony, but also for the reception. The bride, groom and all the guests need to be considered and comfortable for the whole day. Whether you choose to just have indoor seating, or both indoor and outdoor. You need to consider your guest-list numbers, and any potential extra guests that may be joining on the day.

At Events Under Canvas, we provide a range of tables which are perfect for the reception. The important question you have to ask yourself is, would you prefer rustic or elegant? Whatever choice you go for, we provide long rustic-wooden tables to get a large quantity of guests seated. As well as banqueting tables which are perfect for 6-8 people to sit comfortably.

Sailcloth Tent Hire Essex

Alongside the choice of tables, we also provide cross-back chairs, and Chivari chairs which give a nice variety of choice for the wedding planners to create the desired look and comfort. 

There are also special extra arrangements such as our Veranda Pack which comes with beautiful and comfortable furniture, perfect for indoor and outdoor chillout areas. 

Floors & Stages

Thinking about creating that magical moment when you step on the dance floor, ready for your first dance? Choosing the dance floor, and a stage for a band is another finishing touch to consider. Depending on the size and style of tipi and/or tent, you need to know what size will accommodate the number of guests comfortably.  

At Events Under Canvas, we can supply wooden dance floors with an aluminium trim to create the perfect dancing space for you and your guests. In addition to this, we can fit stages for both bands and DJ’s to comfortably have enough room for their equipment and performance.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are beautiful additions to add to your outdoor tipi weddings, not only for magical chillout areas, but also for photography and lighting purposes.

At Events Under Canvas, our tipis can have beautiful handcrafted fire pits inside to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Our fire pits come with smokeless logs, fire lighters and a fire extinguisher. 

In peak months, when it is too hot to have them inside or for sailcloth tent weddings, the fire pits work equally well outside as iconic congregation spaces – just add your own hay bales and marshmallows for the complete wow factor.


The final finishing touch to consider is whether or not you would like to add on accommodation for you and your guests. Depending on the location and the time of year, glamping may be something to consider, to make it a more exciting and memorable experience.

Events Under Canvas can provide different glamping packages for the bride, groom and the guests; from empty bell tents, to luxury furnished tents with bedding, bunting and the works. 

Glamping is a great alternative to your guests booking into a local hotel and we can manage all the bookings for you. Moreover, we can set up beautiful bell-tent camping villages as a quirky accommodation option for your guests. Our stunning bridal tent is the most luxurious option of all.

A complete village can be arranged as part of your tipi package or individual tents can be booked and paid for directly by your guests via an online booking system, removing all hassle and cost from the hosts.


And that’s it! We appreciate the time you have taken if you have made it to the end of our Top 5 Tips for Planning a Tipi Wedding blog post series. And us here at Events Under Canvas really hope you have enjoyed this series, and have taken some of our tips away. 

If you are planning your special day and would like to find out more information about tipi style weddings, then please get in touch with one of our team members today to discuss your special day.

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