Winter Corporate Events

Winter Corporate Events

Start Planning Your Winter Corporate Events Now

We all know just how effective corporate events are at boosting employee morale, engaging with new vendors and creating connections with potential investors. In fact, a corporate event has the power to make a business more successful and create dramatic new growth. While many corporate events are held in the summer when the weather is much nicer and a lot more predictable, that doesn’t have to mean that we miss out on this incredible opportunity for positive growth and success during the winter. Just because the temperatures have dropped and the snow is flying, doesn’t mean that corporate events can’t be scheduled in the winter. On the contrary, winter is perfect for a wide range of corporate events, they just take proper planning to be done right!

Winter Corporate Event Ideas

Winter offers many fun and exciting opportunities for corporate events. From fundraisers and office holiday parties, to ski excursions, sledding adventures and more, a corporate event planner can create the ultimate winter wonderland for your company based on your needs and your expectations. 

Here are some fun ideas for winter corporate events that might be perfect for your company:

Winter themed Cocktail / Dinner party – Complete with all of the colours of the season, you can throw an elegant winter-themed cocktail party under a tipi or sailcloth tent, which will not only look stunning lit up at night with twinkling fairy lights and a cosy fire-pit but it will also keep your guests warm and dry!

Ski lodge excursion – Take advantage of the snow and hold a ski lodge excursion inviting investors, vendors and employees. We can deliver the tipis to numerous locations throughout Europe and recently supplied tipis for a corporate event at the foot of Mount Etna!

Winter Olympic Games – Create your own fun and exciting winter Olympic games and build employee teamwork while boosting morale and having a lot of fun in the process. Using one of our tents as your home base and give employees a chance to come inside, warm up and refuel for the next event.

With all of these outdoor-themed winter corporate events, there is one thing in common. A tipi or sailcloth tent from Events Under Canvas. This will ensure that your guests are protected from the cold and that you are still able to hold fun winter-themed corporate events that let you take advantage of the holiday season.

We would love to help you plan your corporate event this year, for more information on our services, availability or to make a a booking please get in touch by completing our contact form or call us on 01206 298074.