An Event Under Canvas – Introducing… (Part 5)

It’s part five in our ‘Introducing’ series and while we are rather sad that we have “come to the end of the line” as far as the blogging goes – sigh – we’re also SUPER excited because it means that our Event Under Canvas is nearly upon us! A lot of hard graft has gone into getting this weekend out of the starting blocks and the real work is only just beginning, as our trusty team on the ground get cracking with the set up before we welcome you all through the gates at Great Gilbert Farm this Saturday and Sunday.  Keep an eye on our Instagram for some behind-the-scenes snaps from the crew while they get everything ship shape…

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! We still have another round of introductions to make and you are not going to want to skip this one. Today we bring you the bridal gowns of dreams from Suzanne Harrington Bride, photobooth perfection from Hello Tuk Tuk and tunes from the antithesis of the traditional cheesy wedding DJs (there’ll be no Grease mega-mix here, we promise!) in the form of Fox & Braces. If they don’t float your boat we don’t know what will, quite frankly. To round off proceedings we also wanted to give a big shout out to the unsung heroes – the ones lurking in the shadows of every wedding just quietly doing their thing, without whom none of it would be possible. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking toilets, power and heat… Lacking in the glamour stakes? Maybe, but overlook them at your peril, ladies and gents!

Suzanne Harrington Bride




Since Suzanne Harrington Bride signed on the dotted line the conversation around the water cooler has mostly been about whether or not it is acceptable to get married all over again, just so we can wear one of these fabulous gowns. The general consensus is a big YES and when you see them, you’ll know why. Peppered with historical references – from 1970s bohemia to the Edwardians – the label is known for its soft fabrics, incredible craftsmanship and imaginative design and has been hand-making dresses for the modern bride since 2012. They’re all vastly different, but they all have one thing in common – a desire to be comfortable enough to enjoy their big day, while feeling and looking absolutely beautiful.

We can barely sew on a button between us, so we were all eager to find out what a day in the life of this talented lady looks like:

“Every day is different” says Suzanne. “I always try to start by talking a walk with my miniature Schnauzer, Banksy in our local park. Then I head to my shop in Walthamstow and answer emails and enquiries. After that, I get started sketching designs for brides or making patterns for any new wedding dresses (all our brides have their own patterns made just for them).  Then it’s on to making their toile, a calico version of the dress which makes sure we get the correct fit and hem length.  Once those have been done, the actual dress will be cut out and sewn together.  Add to that appointments throughout the day and we’re kept pretty busy!”

What’s it to be then, lovely brides of ours? The Darcy & Lola two piece? A sheer, long sleeve, fitted button-back top and full skirt… Or maybe the Ophelia dress could be for you? A feminine dress with a train, angel sleeves and open back. Not forgetting the Indira & Tillie two piece – a delicate lace top with short cap sleeves and an open back, with a full tulle skirt. Or perhaps you’ve fallen for the Flora dress? A sheer, lace top with a fitted under-bodice, contrast colour velvet belt and floor length skirt…


It’s no use, we have fallen in love with them all and will be living vicariously through each and every one of our brides that chooses a tailor made dress from Suzanne.

“I love hearing about bride’s plans and ideas for their weddings” she says. “It’s also really lovely to meet their friends and family because this is always such an exciting and happy time for everyone. I may be biased but I think I have the best job in the world! It’s so lovely to see all the photos of their day afterwards, too”.

We couldn’t agree more.

Top Tip:

Wear the correct underwear. This is key for creating a great shape, giving support and also ensuring a lovely smooth line. There are different criteria for each style of dress, so do some research or ask the advice of your sales assistant or dressmaker. More generally speaking, I strongly suggest you delegate! People love to help and it takes a bit of stress off you.

How can people get in touch?

If you’re into these gowns as much as we are and want to find out more, use the contact form on the Suzanne Harrington Bride website, , or give the team a call on 0777 3796628.

Fox & Braces




Have you had your fill of the traditional cheesy wedding disco? Are you on the hunt for a DJ who’ll get your guests up on the dancefloor and keep them there? Then you’re in luck! Quite possibly the coolest DJs we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, Fox & Braces will be joining us on Sunday 15th to fill the tipis with their favourite tunes. Who are these mysterious music men, you ask? Well, Dan and Dave have two children each and, as a result, are permanently tired but they hide it well. Dave doesn’t tend to smile too much but we’re reliably informed that he’s actually quite a happy chappy on the inside, while Gary is 6’5” and makes pretty much everyone he meets feel very small. We asked them how they’d describe themselves:

“We are really fun. And extremely cool” says Dan (and so modest with it). “So cool, in fact, that Dave once managed to pull off a pair of blue linen trousers when he was a wedding guest abroad – no, seriously, it was my wedding and they were the worst things I’ve ever seen…”

Terrible trews aside, this trio like to keep things simple, minimalistic and effective by playing good music that hasn’t appeared on every wedding playlist across the globe for the last two decades. They come prepared with a one off set up, hand built by them, and also provide high quality lighting, as well as brilliant little extras like their wedding themed arcade machine, a ‘wedding pong’ table and Polaroid camera hire. Most importantly, they offer a truly excellent level of service, from enquiry through to the last song of the night.

These great guys focus on providing music that suits the tastes of their couples and their couple’s guests, so every playlist is created from scratch. The first thing they’ll do after you get in touch (and you should) is provide you with a private login to an online system that allows you to select some ‘must plays’, ‘do not plays’ and ‘the first dance’. Based on your choices they’ll be able to get a pretty good idea of your likes and dislikes, and that’ll be followed up with a chat or facetime to go over the nitty gritty. In a nutshell, they’ll make sure you hear what you want to hear, whether that be drum and bass, deep house or modern classics!

Safe to say if it’s S Club Junior’s version of Puppy Love you’re after then scroll on by, these aren’t the guys for you.

Top Tip:

“We could mention a few, but we’ll keep it down to one tip for now! From a DJ’s perspective, it has to be to consider your lighting…do not make the room too bright, as it really can damage that ‘party’ atmosphere. Fairy lights, candles, wall lights, lamps etc all look incredible, but they all illuminate the room, and that is not great for a party! Keep lighting low for a better atmosphere.”

How can people get in touch?

Getting in touch is very easy. Simply fill out the quick contact form on their website and one of the team will come back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, drop them a line at [email protected] or [email protected]

Hello Tuk Tuk




Last, but by no means least, in our line-up of suppliers making their debut on the blog is the tremendous Hello Tuk Tuk! Alex and Lilah sold up and quit the rat race a year after they got married, choosing instead to head off in search of adventure and a life more fulfilling than the one centred around a pretty grim commute across the capital. Thank goodness they did. The pair eventually found themselves in Sri Lanka where they hired their very own Bajaj tuk tuk to explore the island. Every time they got lost (and they got lost a lot) they were greeted by smiles from the locals, had brilliant new experiences and made lasting memories, and so the idea for Hello Tuk Tuk was born. They knew they wanted to bring home a little slice of all that the humble tuk tuk represented and today they offer a fun filled photo booth that really delivers on wow factor.

“Our booth combines the best of modern technology, the silliest props and hours of entertainment” says Alex. “It allows you to create moments to remember and is also available for wedding transport hire – what more of an entrance can you wish to make on your big day than by arriving in your very own super cool tuk tuk?”

They come in all shapes and sizes but photo booths are one wedding trend that looks like it’s here to stay (phew), so we asked Alex and Lilah why they think they’re still so popular with couples…

“Photo booths bring out the big kid in everyone and inspire guests to let go and just have fun” they say. “Photo booth pictures capture laugh out loud moments and are a great addition to more formal wedding photography as it shows your guests at their most relaxed, fun loving best! After all, how often will the opportunity come up to have your gran, boss, little nephew and best mate photographed together wearing silly sunglasses, feather boas and comedy hats? That’s a beautiful moment right there!”

The Hello Tuk Tuk journey (all the way from Sri Lanka to Great Gilbert Farm) has been a pretty amazing one so far and we are sure you guys are going to fall head over heels for this quirky little photo booth when you see it in the flesh this weekend. Hop on board and picture it taking pride of place on your big day!

Top Tip:

It’s ok if your wedding day isn’t magazine perfect. Some of the best memories you will have from that day will be unplanned but that’s what life together is about. Don’t get distracted by being perfect, be present with each other, laugh through the mishaps and look forward to the next glorious moment you take together.

How can people get in touch?

You can email Alex and Lilah at [email protected], or check out the website’s enquiry form via In the meantime, why now have a nose at their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, too?

The Bare Necessities

And now for the technical bit. Ok, not really that technical but there are a few things that often don’t get much of a look in when it comes to wedding planning, despite being the backbone of your big do. We’re really lucky here at Events Under Canvas to have a fantastic planner on hand to keep you on track and among the first things they’ll make sure you’ve got covered are power, heating and the right ‘facilities’ for your guests:


This weekend we’ll be keeping you toasty warm with heating kindly provided by Barry Dye Entertainment. It’s something to think about if you’re thinking of having a wedding outside of the warmer summer season – our structures are great at keeping the heat in and, while our fire pits might look cool, they actually go a long way to keeping things hot hot hot but in the colder months you want to be certain your guests aren’t going to get chilly.


For power, our go-to is Gofer! Lighting, catering, your band and your bar – you’ll be amazed how many of your wedding suppliers have electrical requirements. It’s really important to check what they need in terms of voltage and sockets as you book things so you don’t come up short and to make sure you’ve got your plugs in all the right places.


The lovely Amelia and Darran of Hallmark Event Hire will be providing the luxury toilets we’ll be using for our showcase, so join us and ‘peruse their loos’. They offer everything your guests could need as part of the package and they can recommend the most appropriate number of toilets you’ll need depending on how many guests you’re expecting. Having a glamping village? Ask them about portable shower hire! Have disabled guests joining you? No problem, they can accommodate that too!

 We cannot wait to see you all this weekend so if you’re coming along why not give us a shout on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to let us know! The address you need for your satnav is Great Gilbert Farm, Old London Road, Capel St Mary, IP9 2JU and there’ll be signposts directing you once you get off the beaten track. If you have any questions in the meantime don’t hesitate to get in touch, and if you’d like to set up a time to chat in person give us a call on 01206 298074.