An Event Under Canvas – Introducing… (Part 4)

Gooooood day to you and welcome to part four in our ‘Introducing’ series, bringing you all the inside info on the suppliers we have hand-picked to set up alongside us this April. Whether you are recently engaged, approaching the big day, planning a particularly special party, or just fancy having a nose around our new digs, we would love to see you ‘down on the farm’ for our first showcase! From 11am until 3pm on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th our range of (rather brilliant) structures – from our nifty little Nimbus, to our versatile stretch tents, chic sailcloth tent and famous giant tipis – will be on display in all their glory. So if you’ve got your heart set on an event under canvas, or you know someone who has, this is one weekend you won’t want to miss.

Now you’ve got the date in your diary, it’s about time we put four more super suppliers in the spotlight! Today we welcome the charming Brown Birds, the crafty Beer & Co, the always full of beans Queen Bee Coffee and the timeless Classic Shaver to the blog. Here’s what you need to know about this great bunch…

Brown Birds




We like nothing more than discovering exciting new talent so we are pleased as punch that Brown Birds will be making their Events Under Canvas debut under our shiny new stretch tent. Good pals Emily and Laura set up this brilliant business mere months ago and the response has been pretty amazing so far! This pair have a passion for all things wedding but a particular penchant for vintage and rustic finds which they hire out and style up to give their couple’s big days that little something extra.

So, let’s give you a bit of background, shall we?! Emily fell in love with weddings when she planned her own nuptials in 2016. She really let her creative side shine through, making all of her stationary and even the lavender candles their lucky guests took home as favours. When Emily isn’t working on building the Brown Birds brand she is surrounded by children doing her ‘proper job’ as a nanny (we suspect this is a front so she can make regular trips to the zoo). Meanwhile, Laura is kept on her toes as a mum of three young children, but when she’s not entertaining her brood she’s trawling Pinterest looking up the latest wedding trends for Brown Birds inspo (and plotting how to incorporate them into her own day)…

“Based on my, now rather extensive, research our prediction for 2018 is a rise in the number of brides and grooms looking to create cosy nooks for their guests to chill out in, with sofas and armchairs providing the perfect backdrop for photos” says Laura. “We’re also seeing an increase in popularity of cool gin bars as an alternative to the more traditional set up”.

As new to the scene as they are we are already sold on the A++ work these lovely ladies are doing and wanted to find out how they have managed to curate such a fab collection…

“We pick up our new stock from all over the place” says Emily. “Literally anywhere – from charity shops and eBay, to reclamation yards and antique shops. We’re shopaholics here at Brown Birds and we’re always on the hunt for new treasures that our customers will love! We are totally swooning over peacock chairs at the moment and are hoping to get a couple soon to add to our ever growing assortment”.

Weddings plus shopping equals the dream job. We’re beginning to see why they love what they do so much!

Top Tip:

Stay true to yourself and your style. Rather than trying to please everyone, have the day you as a couple really want and that reflects your personalities. Whether that means picking your favourite flowers or hiring the perfect props! It will be one of the most amazing days of your life that you will remember forever, so try to soak up every moment – take some time as a couple to have a time out and revel in the love from your family and friends”.

How can people get in touch?

You can get in touch with these lovely ladies via email at [email protected], have a browse of or check out their Instagram page @brownbirdswedding.

Beer & Co




If a pint of something chilly is more your thing then we’ve got just the guys for you. Introducing Beer & Co, the Ipswich based creators of specialist food & drink festivals and events, with a sterling reputation for providing bespoke bar services for special occasions, both big and small (and everything in between). So, if you’re looking for something a little bit ‘extra’ for your big day then call off the search! Owner Greg and the team have a real passion for finding quality products and offer truly exceptional service as standard so we whole heartedly recommend you hit them up. As well as pitching up to private events, Beer & Co. also has a diary full to the brim of brilliant festivals and tastings (Secret Gin Club, anyone?) so they’re a pretty busy bunch – they’ve even taken their appetite for a lovely drop to the next level and created their own limited edition craft beer which you can pick up from local retailers.

As you might imagine, Greg is a real advocate of craft creations and predicts big things for the year ahead…

“Whether it be beer, cider or gin people are far more willing to experiment with brewing and tasting these days which is growing the market exponentially” he says. “We are really taking advantage of this by trying as much as we can. If we are talking craft beer, I personally love the American Coast styled Pale Ales. There are lots of great breweries around but possibly none as exciting as Suffolk Bun’t Mill Brewery. Watch this space!”

With such a packed schedule we’re delighted to have been able to get Beer & Co. on the roster for our first Event Under Canvas so while we had him cornered, we took the opportunity to ask Greg what keeps them coming back to weddings…

“Weddings are special” he says. “They’re the most memorable day of anyone’s life and the atmosphere of that kind of occasion is really amazing to be around. It’s that buzz that we really enjoy helping to create, and of course, meeting loads of happy people!”

Top Tip:

Creating a fantastic atmosphere is critical to the success of any event – wherever it may be – so be sure that all of the services you book are able to provide that little something unique to make your occasion extra special.

How can people get in touch?

If you like what you hear you can contact Greg directly on 07422 509005, or drop him an email at; [email protected]

Queen Bee Coffee




Coffee has always been an essential part of Barista Annie’s life (all hail caffeine). From her student days, to her career as a TV newshound, right through to her most recent incarnation as a mother she found herself getting increasingly frustrated at the scarcity of a decent ‘cup of joe’.  With small children in tow, venturing to town for a quality caffeine hit was not a relaxing prospect so she came to the decision that she would combine her desire to be a #bosslady with her love of a good latte and, ta da! Queen Bee Coffee was born.

Annie now serves up quality brews (in biodegradable cups) sourced from local suppliers she has hand-picked, at events across the east. From fashion shows to horse shows, and fancy balls to private parties her calendar is pretty jam-packed but the summer is when the fun really starts. When the sun comes out, the coffee cars go glamping and you’ll find them flying into weddings across the region…

“Whether large scale or more relaxed and intimate gatherings we simply adore weddings and are proud to have been a part of all our couple’s events” says Annie. “We serve from late afternoon into the evening, and can even arrive the next day to provide much needed hot drinks and breakfast to the tired revellers”.

If you’ve seen her, you’ll know that Honey the coffee wagon is a real treat but we wanted to find out how Annie decided she was the one to get her Queen Bee dream off the ground…

“She just put a smile on my face, and people love to see her unfurl her wings. When she’s all dressed up for weddings and events she looks rather glamourous and is the centre of attention. She’s like the kitchen at a party, with everyone thronging round her – from those who want a non-alcoholic drink, to those who want to add an espresso to their more potent beverage of choice. She’s a cool addition but she’s also been designed to be practical. She has a lot of display space and even has a freezer. This means she can do more than offering hot drinks – she can display cakes, photos, guest books and games as well as dispense wedding lollies and ice creams! And for the morning after the night before, there’s plenty of serving space for the pastries and bacon rolls! It’s a joy to have her around”.

Honey has proved so popular that Annie has since added Bumble to the hive and, as word continues to spread, plans are afoot to expand the swarm further still. 2018 will see the crew welcome another worker bee to the line-up and, as with the other eye-catching coffee carts, this new addition will also have its own unique personality – retro, petite and boasting the same great barista experience we know and love, this one won’t just add a buzz but also a FIZZ…

Top Tip:

Do think about the tea-totallers at your wedding – from Great Aunt Maud to your little nephew Oscar to the designated drivers. It’s often a neglected element of a party but so many people won’t drink for all or indeed any part of the day. Have you got a varied range of options to keep them happy? Our coffee carts, as well-being eye catching, provide an important service that will delight so many of your guests in need of a constant stream of quenching cuppas and lovely lattes to pick them up when they start to flag.  Likewise, waking up to a barista made coffee and brekkie after a hard night of partying and glamping, rather than having to go in search of another venue to cater for the masses is worth its weight in gold.

How can people get in touch?

Visit or visit Annie’s Facebook and Instagram pages: Queenbeecoffeeuk. Alternatively, give her a call on 07866716788 for a chat on how she can add a real buzz to your wedding.

Classic Shaver




When it comes to wedding prep, we’re the first to admit that grooms are often a little underrepresented in the pampering department. It’s sad but true, so we’re hoping that our next supplier might go a little way in addressing the imbalance. The Classic Shaver, also known as Claire, can be booked to offer a bespoke barbering service for gents in the comfort of their wedding venue, wherever that may be. Whether it’s a fresh trim, shave and a bit of beard grooming or a full mani-pedi, the chaps can relax in the knowledge that they’re in safe hands.

Claire originally trained as a ladies hairdresser in the 80s, at a time when the idea of a ‘girl’ learning the art of barbering would have been unthinkable and mullets and flicks were all the rage. After a successful career she decided to take some time out to follow her other passions but, about five years ago, she found herself thinking about making a return to her roots (chortle)…

“It wasn’t the 80s anymore and I fancied a new challenge” says Claire. “Men’s hair fashion had moved on (thank goodness) and was a lot more interesting, so I made the decision to retrain as a gentlemen’s barber and cut-throat shaver!”

Having been immediately taken by the barbers’ shears and badger bristle brushes, Claire took her talent to London and carved out a name for herself in the cut-throat (ahem) world of men’s grooming.

“It wasn’t just the equipment, it was the language. For example, ‘Tonsorial’ – to shear, clipper and chop. I love the history, the traditions, and the classic hair products. I am now immersed in the world of barbering and I love it!”

You’ll find Claire at Mews Barbers in Colchester three days a week, where she draws a crowd with her ‘haircut and a pint’ deal every Wednesday, or heading out to get grooms and their best people wedding ready.

Balance restored!

How can people get in touch?

You can email Claire at [email protected], give her a call on 01206 572664 or check out her social media feeds by searching The Classic Shaver on Facebook, and @theclassicshaver on good old Instagram.

And so ends another round of introductions. An Event Under Canvas is going to be a wedding fair with a  difference – an interactive amalgamation of some of the region’s most impressive suppliers, all housed under our range of captivating canopies. Join us on 14th and 15th of April from 11am to 3pm for a close up of our tipis and a wander round our stunning sailcloth tents, stretch tents and glamping village, as well as a chat with one of our utterly charming team! For more information, find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or give us a call for an old fashioned chin wag on 01206 298074.