Essential Installation Checklist

Essential Installation Checklist Graphic

We all know the importance of a good checklist especially when it comes to the big day, just look online and find the month countdown checklist, the week before, the day before, the morning of, the photographer, the caterers, the entertainment, table plans, and the list goes on (and on). 

So you have opted for an outdoor wedding (only the best), chosen between a tipi combination or  sailcloth, added all those finishing touches such as a chill out area, fire pits, lighting, staging, hand built furniture, all designed with a natural flow between spaces, maybe a sailcloth or Kung for the wedding ceremony or alternative bar area (or a shelter against the rain as hey this is the UK).  You have had a site visit by the team, everything is booked and ready to go, so that’s another thing ticked off your checklist for now.

As the day gets closer, (and perhaps  the stress levels higher);  try and chill out and relax and leave the hard work to us and our fabulous installation crew who have done this H.U.N.D.R.E.D.S  of times, who work methodically, have an amazing attention to detail, and who work well in any conditions (although a regular flow of tea or cold drinks always goes down well)

Another checklist (to add to all your other checklists) and something to consider leading up to the big day and getting ready for our installation crew:


  • Send us a copy of your final floor plan (if applicable) for us to pass to the crew (it’s also worth you having it to hand on the build day in case the crew have any suggestions or questions)
  • Is the grass cut ready for the crews arrival (the shorter the grass, the smoother the flooring)
  • Do you have any overhead branches that you think may be a problem for vehicle access or around the main build? (if they are only small, please have loppers on hand for the crew when they arrive, or if you are worried, send us some photos beforehand)
  • Are you aware of any pipes or cables under the lawn as best to tell the crew before they start building to avoid damage with stakes (we can hire in scanning equipment for you with advance warning if required)
  • Are you aware of the power requirements for your suppliers and confident there is adequate supply? (talk to us if you are worried or need advice.  If we’re supplying the generator then we will take care of it all)
  • Have you considered ground conditions and evening temperature?  (boggy ground after heavy rain can cause muddy water to come through the matting and chilly evenings can be easily mitigated with fire pits and heating).


  • Make sure you have someone on the day handling all arrangements, albeit the wedding planner or sober friend, as you certainly do not want to have to worry about a thing.
  • Be nice to your neighbours and let them know the times you will be partying and make it clear what time people will be arriving and leaving (unless of course you are miles from anywhere or in an event setting)
  • Having the site sprayed by an exterminator  to keep the bugs away, or consider  having some ‘citronella’ candles (they smell great and make a fantastic bug repellent)
  • Arrange for your own crew of kick-ass helpers well in advance of the day as there is always LOTS to consider (and typically everything always takes longer than expected) from adjusting furniture, welcoming suppliers, dealing with questions (making tea for the crew) and most importantly, clearing up after the event.
  • Consider security inside the tents the night before (whilst this isn’t a requirement from our point of view, but as you have created such a beautiful space, it may be worth keeping an eye on things)
  • Perhaps mention the outdoor setting to your guests way in advance so they can decide on their dress and substitutions and accessories to dress accordingly on the day (avoiding those stilettos sinking in the ground all night)
  • Although the flowers, table  decorations and centerpieces are normally given away to grandparents or other guests on the day, do make plans for someone to secure or take away the gifts | cards | booze at the end of the night.
  • And of course last but not least, consider post wedding waste disposal (yuk)

So just remember to use the natural surroundings of the location to set the vibe on your special day leaving you to just relax, enjoy and feel the love.

(The Events Under Canvas team  will send you a handy printed copy of this list a few weeks prior to your big day)