From Boho to Chic

Dressed tables under a sailcloth tent

You said yes, and you have the ring, so now it’s time to start thinking about the big day.

We all have a vague idea of what our wedding day will look like, we will have thought about it from time to time, traditional, rustic, boho, romantic, modern, vintage, intimate, festival, industrial, themed, and the list goes on.

Long gone are the days of traditional marquee weddings being the only option in open outdoor spaces.  The magnificence of a sailcloth tent and the vibe of the tipis whatever the theme are fabulous, romantic and versatile.

So just remember they will put a ring on it whatever you decide, take time in choosing how you want to remember your day, make sure it’s a true reflection of you and your partner’s style, and if you are having trouble picking a theme then relax, forget the rules and just mix it up, because nowadays pretty much anything goes.

Events are about people, family and friends, how you want them to feel, how you see them enjoying your special day, what story are you trying to tell them with the details and decor, and although location does play a small part, the rest is up to you.

So, Sailcloth V Tipi, well both are stylish and versatile, there are no tent guest number limits because you can tailor the size to what you need and can keep the romance and intimacy in each, they are blank canvases (literally) allowing you to create your wedding venue from scratch (no having to design around brash wallpaper and patterned carpets here)

Traditional weddings are all about formality, three course sit down meals, floral arrangements, a big white dress maybe, but adding a few bales of hay, wooden pallets, craft paper, a buffet or a hog roast it becomes ‘rustic ‘and ‘boho’.  Creating a campsite or a summer fete arrangement with colour, floral patterns, festoon lights, street food style trucks and maybe a live band or two and hey it becomes a ‘festival’, or give it that ‘Vintage’ style with birdcages, a photo booth, gramophone, bunting and some old suitcases.

All of these vibes are possible with the right combination of canvases and accessories.

You can add stretch tent hire to compliment a sailcloth tent or tipis to make a great ceremony, bar or dance area. A chill out area with rustic furniture in a Kung perhaps , extra shelter for food service area or outside bar under a Nimbus canopy, some luxury glamping bell tents for your guests to ‘Stay over’ or ‘Glamp’ (whatever the wedding style) or create a camping village for the whole party, you get it and the guests will love it too.

Mix this all up with a fire pit or two, some amazing lighting, maybe some lit-up letters (and don’t forget the necessaries like service tents, flooring, staging etc)  and hey, you’ve got yourself a wedding, whatever the style.

We love doing what we do and are here when you need us, putting people back together again one wedding event at a time.