Guide to Styling Your Tipi for Summer 2021

Wedding Tipi Interior Inspiration

At Events Under Canvas, our tipis and extensive range of tents and services do not just stop there… We are committed to providing your special event with more than just the canvas. 

Even though our tipis may look spectacular on the outside, we want to ensure they look just as spectacular on the inside. Henceforth, we have put together a useful guide on interior styling inspiration and the finishing touches that will make your tipi look beautiful and idyllic inside, to truly create an exceptional day to remember.

We have consulted with Hayley Clements, owner and founder of Starry Eyed Weddings; who can transform your wedding venue into a dreamy ceremony setting and space with an array of flowers, lighting and decor. Hayley will be providing her expertise on how to utilise our tipi interior space to create the perfect look you are seeking for, for your big day.

3-Hat Format

When it comes to the expertise and professionalism of decorating a tipi, Hayley refers to a ‘3-hat format’; beginning with the ‘2 front hats’ which consist of the main bar area as well as the main entrance. She writes “It is important to focus on key areas that will create a big WOW factor, be seen by guests throughout the day and will translate easily from day to night.”

Hayley notes that it is important to remember that tipis are much bigger than you think they will be. Everything needs to be oversized and in a repetitive format in order to create an impact. It is important not to cover every square inch of your tipi, as this will blow your budget unnecessarily and leave you with less money for other facilities and features.

At Events Under Canvas, we can provide you with the fairy lights as well as the tipi poles, which can also attach festoon lighting to the exterior edge of the tipi. Hayley recommends that this is a great look to go for, as this can really transform the tipi, especially at nighttime.

For the Hats

Using a wild trailing foliage hoop with a fairy light canopy can work incredibly well inside of a tipi, which Hayley adds; can create a romantic ambience for both the daytime and nighttime. 

You can also creatively use ribbons and suspended stems from the centre of the tipi, as well as creating a more ‘festival vibe’ by using ribbons with the fairy light canopy. 

Hat photo.

Value for Money Tip

In order to save a few pennies, Hayley recommends using a foliage hoop in order to create stunning looks during the wedding meal, as well as creating a beautiful setting for the evening reception. The lighting for this will become more prominent as the sun sets, and therefore creating a more idyllic and exceptional look all around.


The Bar 

The bar can be a very important facility at your tipi wedding, so it is necessary that the bar is decorated and looking extravagant for your guests. With the spectacular services of Starry Eyed Weddings, they would usually create a personalised bar menu for each individual wedding to make it even more memorable and unique.

Hayley would also suggest laying seasonal foliage along the bar with plenty of lanterns too, to create that magical atmosphere, especially for nighttime when the tipi truly comes alive. 


A popular and in-demand ‘extra’ that always comes up when planning a tipi wedding  is getting a ‘Welcome Area’ inside the tipi. This is a brilliant additional feature to have to show guests the timings and the general order of the day. For example, stating when the food is arranged to come out, as well as when the speeches are scheduled to begin. 

You could also place a giant menu alongside the seating plan within these welcome areas, see some pictures of previous weddings for seasonal inspo!


The Entrance 

For an autumnal wedding, Starry Eyed Weddings have previously created a large and trailing foliage canopy across the entrance of the tipi. This can set the overall tone and atmosphere by leading your guests into the tipi. 

A lot of guests may not have experienced a tipi event before, meaning that it is even more important for Hayley and her team to make their first experience as magical as it can be.

Value for Money Tip 

Another extremely useful value for money tip that Hayley kindly shares with us is that a decorated entrance can easily double up as a ceremony backdrop, if you are getting married outside of the tipi structure. 


The final creative and decorative tips of expertise from Hayley close with the decorating of tables, including your most important top table. She comments herself and her team have previously used the industrial style pole with lighting attached to it, this of which can look astonishing over a top table.  

Hayley also mentions that she tries to always use natural and seasonal elements to decorate the tables within the tipis. She adds that this can reflect the outside wedding vibe, and would always try to steer away from faux blossom trees or anything that is artificial, or looks overly artificial.


On her final note, Hayley comments “the joy of being in the tipis is embracing all things natural”, which the team here at Events Under Canvas can truly agree with. 

And there you have it, some extremely useful and wonderful tips from the founder of Starry Eyed Weddings. We hope that you have gained some insight and inspiration from this collaborative post, and may end up using these tips or services from Hayley and her great team. 

If you would like to contact Hayley, you can visit the Starry Eyed Weddings website to learn more about the business or contact her directly by emailing [email protected] or calling 07738 156614.

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