Nice day for a ‘wet’ wedding

Wedding Bride

So, the big day is almost here, 18 months of stressful planning, coordinating, choosing and negotiating, and with almost everything ticked off your ‘to do’ list apart from the one thing that you have absolutely no control over, (and hey this is the UK), the British weather!

More couples now are opting for winter weddings, embracing the weather and focussing on creating a cosy and snug venue inside, so don’t be stressed, remember with fondness what your Granny always told you when growing up, to ‘BE PREPARED’ as a few tweaks to the original plan and you can create a truly wonderful and unforgettable rainy day wedding.

From a festival style tipi to a more traditional sailcloth tent, each will provide you a stunning backdrop for your special day, and with the ability to raise the sides to link with another structure, to give you more space, or allow the breeze to circulate on a hot summers day, they both also provide you a dry environment should the heavens open.

No doubt you would have already suggested to your guests to pack a brolly (or wellingtons if you are having your wedding in a field), so even if it rains you can assure your guests they will be warm and dry once inside the tipi, and our woven matted flooring will keep the ground slip free. 

So embrace the weather, keep those soggy feet to a minimum and consider:

  • A shelter to hold the ceremony / drinks reception if you had planned for them to be outdoors (or if it’s a scorches you can use it for shade too!), one of our beautiful sleek white stretch tent would be perfect.
  • An indoor fire pit to help guests dry off and stay warm (tipis only)
  • Some indoor space or a backdrop for photos (perfect if your tipi sides are raised)
  • An umbrella stand and spare umbrellas, lots of them, for people who didn’t bring one (actually did you know you can hire baskets of umbrellas for weddings!)
  • A few towels (and a crate for the used ones)
  • Blankets for guest to keep warm (we can supply wicker baskets for these if required)
  • Ensure to have plenty of hot drinks available – it’s not all about alcohol
  • Discuss rain options with your photographer
  • Invest in wedding insurance (just in case)

It’s all about being prepared, so from bridal wellies to chic colour co-ordinated umbrellas whatever the weather, it’s your big day and the weather will be the last thing that people will want to talk about, so embrace the day and ensure the photographs are all about the love.

Checklist: wellingtons | umbrellas | blankets | ponchos | towels | hand warmers for granny