How the right photographer can turn a camera-shy couple into wedding superstars

If the idea of posing for your wedding photos makes your toes curl, yet you really want to capture the day, then you need to consider WHO you work with in terms of a wedding photographer.  We spoke to Chloe Lee Photography who works with couples who say ‘f*ck it’ to the rule book when it comes to Wedding Day photography.

Finding a photographer is not only about their talent but also the kind of person they are, and if this fits in with you.  You need to feel at ease with them around, as they will be with you ALL DAY and EVENING.  In fact, to get the best out of you, they probably need to feel like someone you’d like to hang out with!

Embrace your authentic, fun and non-traditional ways

“I’m here to snap those candid moments, goofy giggles, and heartfelt hugs that make the day uniquely YOU. Forget stiff poses and cheesy grins – I’m all about capturing those real, raw, and fun moments full of joy & colour.”

Chloe is a pro at making people feel “like a freakin’ rockstar in front of the camera”. She works in a super relaxed way that turns even the most camera-shy couple into total superstars.

She has a fun energy to her that immediately feels like she’s part of your crew. Her focus is to put people at complete ease – expect awful jokes and even worse, awful singing!  But this is how she breaks down the nerves, builds the trust and gets true, raw emotions of the day.

It’s not about spending all day standing in line for photos when you are with Chloe, it’s about the relaxed and the informal. She documents the day as it happens, capturing the details that make it unique to you.



With so many photographers to choose from for your wedding, we think finding someone you like and trust is the first step.  Spend time talking to them, meet them and get to know them.  Trust your gut and if you feel like you could easily spend a whole day with them, and their portfolio blows your socks off, then they are probably the photographer for you.

You can meet Chloe Lee Photography at our next annual Showcase Event on 27 & 28 April 2024, where she’ll be actively snapping throughout the day and also manning a stall where you can talk to her about her approach and the services she offers.

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