How to style a marquee wedding so it’s unique to you

One of the most wonderful things about a wedding is how a dream turns into reality. Not only is the day a celebration of love and unity, it’s a chance to deliver a day unlike any other for your guests, your family and of course, yourselves.

Styling a wedding to reflect your personality is the best way to make it unique. A marquee wedding or tipi wedding is a brilliant blank canvas to start with and completely lends itself to creativity. Employing the services of a wedding or event stylist can help you conceptualise your ideas. 

Why should you use wedding stylist?

Event stylists who specialise in weddings are experts at creating visual magic. Their skills lie in mixing the creative with the practical. They work with you to visualise your imagination, inspiring you with mood boards and supporting sketches so you can understand what your ceremony setting or celebration space would look like. Once you have signed off on the concepts, off they go to plan, source and install your vision on the day, leaving you to concentrate on the planning for the rest of the wedding.

Whilst the planning and installation are vital, one aspect that always gets overlooked is that fact that the stylist will also deconstruct everything after your event, packing and tidying it all away to return it back to how it was before they arrived. That’s an invaluable service!

Hayley Clements, the creative force from Starry Eyed Weddings,  a wedding and event styling company, told us how her 20 years in the fashion industry, a talent for creativity and an eye for detail have helped her conceptualise the style of weddings from boho to bold, from extravagant to eclectic for hundreds of happy couples.

“The excitement and the build up to the wedding, whether small or large, is where the big thrill is for us. We always aim to create an unforgettable experience for each and everyone of our clients, but the key is really understanding the client and what lies at the heart of the wedding or event.”

Tipis are perfect for rustic or boho weddings. Floral displays and lighting can bring a magical atmosphere that is unique to these playful structures. There’s something about styling these wonderful tents that always makes guests ‘oohhh’ and ‘aaahhh’ when they first step into them. The photo above comes from one of Starry Eyed’s Tipi wedding commissions and shows simple floral hoops and fairy lights.

Sailcloth Tents are luxurious marquees that evoke a sense of fairytale. They lend themselves to the whimsical romance of floral displays in amongst the wooden internal structures, to rustic furniture and furnishings and long romantic walkways lit up with festoon lighting

But whatever your vision, tastes or ideas are, a stylist will certainly be able to create the magic you are looking for.

Here are 7 tips to get you on your way…..

7 tips to working with a wedding stylist

  1. Start collecting images that inspire you and create your own Pinterest board. Don’t be too prescriptive. It doesn’t have to be exact but if it evokes a feeling or a look, that’s enough for a stylist to start understanding what your vision is. 
  2.  Employ a stylist with creative flair.  It’s this creativity that will transform your ideas into something inspirational.
  3. Check their installation credentials! Whilst the styling is one aspect, actually having the skills to build or install the designs is a major factor. Often a stylist company will have technicians with solid visual display experience so ask before you commission their services.
  4. Be open to suggestions. Your stylist will need to bring your ideas to life and work around your budget and also what’s available seasonally if it involves floristry, so a level of flexibility is required.
  5. Take their advice. If your stylist tells you something won’t work – they will be right. Trust them and take their advice. Whilst your imagination may be set on certain colours or certain props, the talent of a creative stylist will know how this will manifest in reality. If they suggest a tweak to make it even better, go with that.
  6. It’s always good to work with recommended suppliers from companies you trust. Look at their case studies and talk to their previous customers to understand how their experiences were.
  7. Always work with professionals – whilst your auntie or your best friend may offer their help to style your big day, when it comes to it, it’s a big deal and you need someone or a company with multiple talents and proven experience.

You can meet Starry Eyed Weddings and Events at the Events Under Canvas Luxury Marquee and Tipi Showcase, 27 & 28 April 2024.  Hayley and her team will be styling the medium Sailcloth Tent with their amazing floral and design expertise.


Photo Credits:
Starry Eyed Weddings and Events
Tom Halliday Photography

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