Jenna Gets Arrested – an embarrassing day for Events Under Canvas

This morning, we found out that our MD’s past has finally caught up with her and at 10am we received news that Jenna has been arrested in Ipswich. She’s been offered bail but we’re urgently asking the community to help out here and donate…. and here’s our official press release on it:


Jenna Ackerley, MD of Events Under Canvas, has been arrested for her CRIMES AGAINST GROWING UP. She’s been dragged off with the help from St Elizabeth Hospice’s security forces and locked up in Ipswich Town hall.  We’re trying to raise the £1,000 bail money for her release by the end of the day.

It turns out that being cheeky, lively, game for a laugh, and full of energy and enthusiasm are all things that grown-ups shouldn’t be and Jenna, a persistent offender, along with a whole crowd of other wonderful humans, has been identified and rounded up today.

WE ARE OUTRAGED!  If she’s not out by tonight, she won’t be able to host our Showcase this weekend!!

….And if you are still reading this, you’ve probably worked out, that this is NOT a real crime. It’s part of a wonderful stunt for charity, all in the hope of raising funds for the amazing St Elizabeth Hospice, a charity very close to our hearts, that improves life for people with a progressive illness. We ask, from the bottom of our hearts, please can you help us release Jenna by the end of the day and donate using this link.

We’re so glad that ‘not growing’ up isn’t a crime!  If you agree we’d love you to join us donating to Jenna’s release and the wonderful St Elizabeth Hospice.

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