Our Values

Anyone who comes into contact with Events Under Canvas knows that there is something quite special about them.  They seem to create a positive feeling in staff, suppliers and customers that goes well beyond products, service, and price.

The management team at Events Under Canvas have spent some time trying to articulate into words what makes it such a special company.  This involved lots of tea-fuelled arguments  (ahem) discussions, re-reading through reviews, talking to suppliers and soul-searching, to settle on what the company really stands for. 

They have identified six key values, which they believe represent the guiding principles of the company.  These are:


People who work at Events Under Canvas are looked after, respected and encouraged to make decisions themselves.  They are supported in their decisions (whether they turn out to be right or wrong!) and this translates into a team who want to go the extra mile for their colleagues and customers, and who feel they have an important role to play in creating amazing events.

From the crew cleaning carpets each week, to the admin team prepping floor plans and crew packs, to the Operations Manager scheduling staff and managing vehicles, everyone respects each other’s roles and knows they are part of a team who care about each other.  

The leadership team recognise that they are stronger together and with no ego, blame or competition they thrive together and achieve much more than they would otherwise.




Events Under Canvas proactively seek feedback from their customers, suppliers and staff.  They always try to listen from a place without blame and defensiveness. This openness to feedback allows them to learn and improve.

In a culture where no blame is assigned in tough times, staff and suppliers are more willing to take responsibility, and an upward cycle of constant improvement occurs.   

The team at EUC consciously chose to be transparent in their pricing with easy menu-style event planning.  There are no gimmicks or sales manipulations, leaving customers certain that they are getting the best (and a fair) deal.



Good customer reviews are immediately shared and celebrated with all members of the team, and praise is shared freely and openly.  EUC staff take pride in their products, equipment and service, and strive for perfection. 

It is usual to find Events Under Canvas crew in their t-shirts and hoodies in the pub smiling together at the end of a long day.  Their uniform is worn with pride, as an emblem to being part of something special.  Events Under Canvas has never had to advertise for staff, as there is always a stream of enthusiastic people asking to join the team through reputation alone, with summer crew returning year after year.    

When you know that the company you work for has integrity, will make the right decisions, support you in hard times and go the extra mile for you and your customers, this translates to a sense of pride and belonging that’s impossible to replicate through gimmicks and incentives.

“Event Under Canvas always deliver the most amazing Giant Tipi’s, they are an absolute pleasure to work with. I haven’t found any other supplier who delivers the same product at such a high standard. Thanks and see you in a field very soon!” Anne – Festival Republic (Latitude)



Aware & Awake

As the business grows Events Under Canvas aims to lessen their environmental impact wherever possible.  Every effort is made to support their local community and make ethically sound judgements.  Decision-making is driven by a desire to do the right thing, rather than to increase profit or send a good PR message.

They constantly challenge themselves and will often have long debates about which is the right way to go in different circumstances, using their values of openness and integrity as a compass.

Events Under Canvas have a favourite Native American saying; “We will be known forever by the tracks we leave”.  For them this translates in a direct sense to being respectful and careful on people’s property when driving on-site and building tents.  However, it also means that treating people and the planet well leaves a lasting positive legacy.  For reasons of integrity, karma and kindness, the decision to do the right thing is at the core of decision making.




Events Under Canvas are guided by their principles much more than the generally accepted business practices of their industry, and this means that they reject norms which do not align with their values.  Examples of them doing things differently are: 

  • Advertised prices are inclusive of VAT and insurance, which initially makes them appear more expensive than competitors
  • Credit card payments are accepted, with fees absorbed by them
  • Suppliers are paid immediately building good will and trust
  • EUC does not receive or pay commission to other suppliers (even when it is offered).  Recommendations both ways are made for all the right reasons
  • EUC sales staff do not earn commission, and staff are paid well
  • Build and derig scheduling is managed around customer needs and a one-hour window for crew arrival is given

The team at Events Under Canvas know that they are expected and encouraged to go above and beyond for customers and colleagues.  They take pleasure in surprising people by being different to most in the service industry. 

Use them, Use them, Use them! Don’t look elsewhere as if our experience is a reflection of their usual customer focused approach then you can’t fail to be anything but satisfied…….. From a personal perspective having previously been part of the leadership team of the world’s largest travel and tourism business where customer satisfaction dictates profit / loss, Events Under Canvas would be classed as exceeding expectations and an example of how to do things right. They were that good. Mark at Vin Van Voom




When teams are empowered, customers are inspired, and suppliers are respected, a culture of passion ensues and Events Under Canvas has this type of passion in a bucket-load!

Passion comes from feeling you are part of something special, and important, and the culture at EUC ensures that everything is done with passion and verve.  Teams naturally want to impress and delight their customers and each other, without the need for incentives to motivate them.

Customer reviews show passion for EUC’s brand across the private and corporate sectors. Their reputation in the industry precedes them in terms of integrity and quality, and staff feel proud to be part of the magic.  

Staff enjoy pre and post season fun events, to build teams and celebrate success with plenty of other opportunities to come together.  Strategy and results are shared at these events with all levels of staff to make everyone feel they have a stake in EUC’s success.

“Events Under Canvas made my party!! From enquiry to put up/take down – the whole process was fantastic. Every member of staff I dealt with made things so easy and when the guys turned up to build it they made it look like a doddle!! (Of which I’m sure it’s not!)  Thanks so much everyone!!”    Hayley Nelson – 2018 Customer

Events Under Canvas believes that the secret to its success is down to the pride and passion of their teams, the culture of openness and empowerment of staff, and being aware and awake to the wider implications of their actions.  These values do not always align with normal business values of control, profit and efficiency.  Where the pursuit of profit is at the expense of their values Events Under Canvas reject the norm and follow their own path.