Introducing the Grand Sailcloth

large tipi lit up at night time

Exciting news here at EUC HQ.

We are super excited to be able to offer our clients even larger scale event tents, with a new range of beautiful new four, six or eight poled Sailcloth tents.

These beautiful pristine white sailcloth tents give an elegant grandeur to any outdoor event, with the translucent fabric allowing in the natural light by day and radiating its luminous beauty by night.

We are the first company in the UK to be offering these tents for hire, which are part of the Aurora range from our US manufacturers, and which have already taken the market by storm.

Our two new additions are:

The Grand Sailcloth – 4 Pole – A 18mx18m Sailcloth with a quad of four poles inside, creating a perfect central court area for a dance floor, band | stage and bar area, and comfortably seating up to 200 guests, and 

The Grand Sailcloth – 6 Pole An amazing 24mx18m six-poled Sailcloth with vast internal space and beautiful swathes of the translucent canopy and can seat up to 270 guests

Additional poles and panels can be added in 2023 and beyond, to create even larger event spaces, or you can pair these magnificent tents with our tipis, stretch tents or standard sailcloths, to create awe-inspiring tented spaces for your event.

With a choice of translucent side panels that can be rolled down to give more shelter whilst still enjoying the view, or mix it up with some white side panels that can be used to hide any equipment, what’s not to love? (We especially love the flags)

So do get in touch if you want to chat about these fantastic new additions to our range of Sailcloth tents, and please remember, we are here when you need us, always smiling, and always ready to help you create a party!

For full specification and pricing visit our Sailcloth Tent Hire page.