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plant trees with Ecologi

We totally understand the impact of climate change and certainly want to play our part in becoming more green, so we are super proud to compensate for our carbon footprint by working with ‘Ecologi’ to fund climate projects to plant 11 trees for every single event we undertake this year.

One tree is sent direct to you our customer to plant to remember their fabulous event, and the other ten we work with ‘Ecologi’ to plant on our behalf.

Ecologi then partner with either Protect Earth here in the UK working with local landowner and farmers to help plant trees on their land as part of reforestation or afforestation (planting new trees where previously there were none), or for worldwide projects organisations such as Eden Reforestation.

Eden Reforestation work with all levels of government for the restoration of protected sites, hiring local villagers to plant trees to alleviate the extreme poverty within their impacted community, which in turn gives the villagers an economic incentive to ensure the well-being of each restoration project, and with the continued restored forest comes improved farming ensuring longevity and safety of the trees in the community.

Events Under Canvas contribution

We have already planted 2000 trees to cover the 200 events we already have booked for 2022, check out the tree allocation and impact reports HERE